JDF Access Controls Inc. installs and maintains electronic door lock access control systems.  The security of your business, inventory and staff is of the utmost importance.  Our keyless entry access control systems provide improved security for both interior and exterior doors and access points. Options for keyless locks include electronic keypad locks, access card systems and key fob technology, including smart lock technology paired with your mobile devices.

Electronic door locks are a secure and easy alternative to traditional door hardware.  By switching to electronic door control you can streamline building access, easily issuing cards or codes for new employees, disabling old users or lost cards remotely, restricting access to specified hours, providing temporary access to vendors and contractors, and tracking key data on entry and exit times for your staff, providing full audit trail capability.

Whether you are a small business looking for a single door access control system, or a large scale institution in need of integrated security access control across multiple sites, our talented installers and locksmiths will ensure a quick and easy installation.

We secure locations of all sizes and types, some key examples are listed below:

  • Commercial Facilities

  • Condominium Complexes

  • Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Airports

  • Ports and Rail Terminals

  • Educational Institutions

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Government Buildings

  • Military & Defence Facilities

  • Industrial Facilities